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Adds for Your Consciousness

Introduce Yourself To A NEW WORLD

ADDZ For Your Consciousness, is series of art flyers designed to empower the viewer. In our modern world we’re continuously bombarded by information that seeks to draw upon  disempowerment, separation, and fear. I hope that this project will serve as a reminder for personal freedom. What kind of future do we wish to live in? A future of peace, equality, and belief in human kindness is near. 

Enough Is here: Let go of everything. Try. Let go of nothing. Try. Not to try. Try. Enough is here. 

A reminder that we’ve already arrived at the right place. We live in a world constantly striving to be better, to be more productive, to be more helpful. What if we could remember our only real job is to breath. 

Take Back Time: Time is yours. Time is malleable. Time is ours. Time is mine. Take back time. 

A reminder that we own our lives. We aren’t owned by our boss, our family, or this system of power. What if we created a society where we could all work by choice? Would we work for the earth ? How would you begin to take back your time? This is the beginning of meditation on the fragmented nature of breaking apart moments into smaller and smaller bits of more scheduled occurrences. 

Mall of Plants: A theoretical investigation into what might happen if we turned an abandoned malls into an indoor greenhouse. How could the people and plants to come together to share a space to work, to exercise, and to socialize together. Monthly memberships include freshly picked fruits.

coming soon

“Cap The Success” & more on “Warning: Human Efficiency Is On The Rise”

Cap The Bottle

USE YOUR VOICE ( work in progress )

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