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A visual journal documenting art making, notes, and ideas. A place to share the messy things. The thought process and experience behind creating. I show you what inspires me, the local exhibits I explore and the endless questions that keep me up at night.  Sometimes I write posts specifically intended for the public,  but most of the time this is simply a place to keep my thoughts organized. Welcome to my wild world. – Jasmine

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Unus Mundus Art by St. Louis Artist Jasmine Raskas

Jasmine is a self taught artist with a background in science. Her art explores the emergent patterns found in natural growth, form, and collective systems. With elements of archetypal myth and a dash of futurism, her work seeks to create a language that crosses all barriers of time, space, and culture. Outside the studio, she works at Artists First studio and as a professional coach working with groups and individuals to use the power of art and imagination for personal growth. 

Mission: Connecting hearts across time, space, and culture

What Is Unus Mundus?

The latin term Unus Mundus most literally translates to “one world”. Psychologist Carl Jung expanded upon the original meaning to describe the idea of a collective unconscious and the emergence of a new reality from human cognizance itself, emphasizing the organic interconnectedness of all parts and particles of the universe.  Unus Mundus lays the scaffolding for a reality in which our external and internal realms are one in the same, a dreamscape where matter and soul are one.  Constructing a world where the observer is directly connected to the observed, now a well-known phenomenon in particle physic deemed, the observer effect. Jung’s Unus Mundus goes beyond space and time and includes the idea of transcendent unity. The creator and the creation are linked at the same energy source.

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