I wanted to take the time to learn more about the artists I follow on Instagram and show some gratitude to these amazing creators who’ve inspired and influenced my year!

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Animation / VR 

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 23.50.26Ash Coates
“Current movements in science, mysticism and ecology lead to tangents within my work that crossover from the realms of realism to fantasy as a means of exploring the fluidity of our identity and existence within a fluctuating landscape of cultural change at a cellular and microscopic level. My work draws from images of both real and imaginary places, to examine relationships between micro and macro worlds and the language, forms and networks that exist within our biosphere.”


Ben RidgwayBen Ridgeway
“My abstract animations investigate the metaphysical features of reality. They are designed to stimulate archetypal associations and invite the viewer to make personal connections to the visual and auditory experience without any reliance on narrative or spoken language. ”



Dan Lam

Dan Lam





Crystal Wagner

Crystal Wagner






Gary BrewerGary Brewer
“In my newest works I have included the mapping of ‘Dark Matter’, which was a theoretical embarrassment to Einstein (the un-resolvable conundrum of his ‘cosmological constant’) when I was born and was given credence 20 years ago when a group of Italian scientists believed that they had found a way to discern it. It is now seen in part as a gravitational structure that is web-like: ordering and organizing galaxies into clusters– an invisible lattice structuring the known universe. ”

Daniel Martin DiazDaniel Martin Diaz
“Over the past few years, I have become immersed in scientific and philosophical concepts, such as Anatomy, Computer Science, Math, Cosmology, Biology, Quantum Physics, and Consciousness. I have been particularly fascinated with scientific diagrams, which explain theories and properties through imagery. ”

Rosemarie Forsythe
Rosemary“Her paintings celebrate the power of ideas that have influenced the course of history or changed the way we think about the world. Rosemarie paints in a fine art style reminiscent of centuries-old illuminated manuscripts.  Instead of words, she embeds symbols, math/science equations, algorithms, ornaments, and/or intellectual puzzles in her modern art.  She uses acrylics, gouache, flashe, gold leaf, mica chips, and/or handmade paper to render symbols, math/physics equations, algorithms, and intellectual puzzles in jewel-like paintings.

EmJae Lightningbug
Lightningbug“As I continue to grow on my path seeking Higher Understanding, I find myself compelled to share my lessons and express my love through art. My work is focused on promoting peace, mindful and meditative states-of-mind and inspiring others to seek Higher knowledge. Each brush stroke is an act of intention and love, and each painting expresses a facet of the psychedelic and human experience, and each fractal represents the ever-changing, ever-cycling nature of reality and growth. ” Read more, feature by Rawartist

Gary McMillan
Gary McMillan
“Through a calibrated lack of cohesiveness, personal painting style is superseded by the notion of selection so that the images are meandering and allusive; full of cross connections, incongruities and anachronisms. ”

“Extracting  raw material and then refining it to attain some distillated essence is one of the hallmarks of modern science. Those pure extracts make all of the difference. A squirt of an element and you have a new circuit which could be programmed for personality.  A hint of a gene can bring forth a new human hybrid.” Read & see more on Extractions series 

Robert Steven Connett
Robert Steven Connet
“Robert Steven Connett is a California artist who takes his current inspiration from biological forms — both flora and fauna, micro and macro, land and ocean dwelling — from which he generates new variations, as though he were painting with recombinant DNA. He is a masterful painter of other-worldly creatures harmoniously swimming along in complex dreamscapes. Intricate geometric patterns make up each new species, meticulously painted with illuminated detail. ”
– From COLOSSAL 2016



Dan Huston@dhton
Dan Huston






Chris Bohlin

Chris Bohlin




Andrew 2

(name unknown)






Atom St. GeorgeAtom St. George



Loribelle SpirovskiLoribelle spirovski






Matthew StoneMatthew Stone

“By photographing paint strokes made on glass and working in various 3D software, the artist is able to sculpt bodies together in three dimensions using layers of these painted marks. Stone’s figures inhabit a shared world; defined by a grey infinity floor, proliferating petals of paint and a raw linen void as backdrop. ” Read more  , interview by The Hole NYC


Neil D RolinsonNeil D Rolinson




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The Birth of Fire with Typewritter Tim

Unus Mundus Art by Jasmine Raskas in St. Louis