PACKED 4×4′ 2018 

Inspiration “Packed” explores the relationship between an object and the space surrounding an object. Space can be used to describe either the absence of material objects or the location of an object. This definition represents the conundrum faced when attempting to differentiate background from foreground. In both a metaphorical and visual sense, it doesn’t seem  possible to accurately describe one versus the other for as long as one cannot be defined without the other. In some ways the process for defining a background versus a foreground is completely imaginary as they could be thought of as two different versions of the same space related in an inverse fashion. 

Jasmine Raskas PACKED 4' x 4'_
PACKED 4′ x 4′ abstract acrylic painting

PACKED full text

Exhibition History

Everything Blue at The Soulard Art Gallery, June 22- July 27th 2018

front view_
PACKED (left) at The Soulard Art Gallery

Float STL Maryland Heights, June 2018 – present

Packed at Float STL Maryland Heights

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Unus Mundus Art by Jasmine Raskas in St. Louis