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A CELL IS NOT A MACHINE close upThis work is inspired by the complexity of the cell’s interconnected systems. The motivation for this exploration came not only from my passion for science, but also as someone living with a genetic disorder, I have a personal interest in this topic. Gene transcription is often made to sound as if it’s an algorithmic process. When summarized, it may appear that there’s a direct input- output process for translating the genetic code to a protein (polypeptide). In reality, there’s a mix of interconnected systems impossible to describe within computable terms. There’s simply too many variables to account for. This is especially true when considering that a cell responds to its external environment and that it’s microcosm is ultimately connected to our macrocosm. 

I’ve become passionate about societies relationship to the genetic code. As much as I hope for a cure to my health conditions, I strongly question the idea that I am something to intended to be fixed. If ever presented with the choice, I would never allow for my genes to be altered. I’m still in full support of medical research to seek out both treatments and cures. I would never intend to take away the potential choice for those who are suffering, just that their choice be one that’s fully informed. If a supportive treatment did arise outside of genetics, I would surely opt in. There’s an important difference to be noted between the concept of curing and treating. 

My message here is to remind the world to take a moment and consider the possible consequences of altering a genome. I find science to be hubris for thinking it knows better than nature.  A medical “disorder” of this generation may very well be what save the species in the coming millennia. Diversity is vital for preservation of any species. How can we expect to predict which differences will save us in the future? Where will we draw the line between disorder and difference? 


Work In Progress & Project Notes

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