As went back to touch up some work from late 2017, I solved a great mystery!  I spent most of 2017 trying to learn how to paint in perspective. The reason I struggle to do so  is not because I don’t inherently know how, but because I have a hard time getting myself to focus on any single thing. Once I choose a perspective to paint in, I get so lost within the act of painting that I tend to get so excited about a different possible viewpoint to the extent that I will forget the original perspective and create another. This process continues throughout the course of any given painting. Aside from the distractibility factor, I paint in a somewhat backwards manner. I have no idea what looks right or wrong until it’s already been created. Each painting is just as much a journey through the painting experience as it is an end result.

It’s fascinating how much lighting can alter the appearance of a painting… during the time these were originally painting I was struggling more with interpreting contrast.