Looking Into The Past To Review The Present

Connective Tissue Studies: An exploration into the formation of a network. When does a linear system become multidimensional? How far can a network expand forwards before it will collapse back into itself.

Rainbow Realms: A period of too much insight for a single series. Yet, this group is  artificially held together by the superficiality of color. Each painting represents the birth of an important concept to set the course for the years to come.

  • chaos vs. order
  • organic machines
  • space within a space
  • segmented space & bubbles of perception
  • using a spectrum of light to define space
  • mirrors, lenses, twisting space

and then I remembered I’m still only learning to paint… back to the basics

Vessels: Using the formation of a network within a real space as a means to connect or disconnect segments of space.

Past concepts came together

  • Going Galactic
  • Two people / two towers
  • Connective Tissue Studies

Universal Blueprint: Using the formation of linear networks to create unnatural space blocks.  Representative of mans irrational attempt to redo what is already perfection.

Rhythm: Searching to align with my magical motor control and leading to a new appreciation for each single stroke.  What are the components of a single brushstroke? When does a brushstroke become an entity all on it’s on? How can these entities unite to form a collective?

Organic Machines:  Wondering around the idea of  organic vs. inorganic. How does a human differ from a machine? We are both collections of interconnected systems, but yet one inherently depends on a mysterious pattern of randomness. Within our chaos comes something more than order.

Minimals: A realization for the need to visually simplify. Too much of something becomes nothing.  Forcing constraints encourages creative solutions and can distill down madness to meaning.

Gooey Folds Gravity: The multiple modalities of matter. Thinking about how energy flows, dripping, pulling, ultimately intertwining within itself. When does one become two?

  • intertwining energy: sowing space, twisting space
  • rhythmic energy, singing strings, vibration, entropy, momentum
  • folding space, origami

Go Figure: A man whose half alive is still 100% more alive than the chair in which he sits to ponder the meaning of a box that’s just a body for a real being. The real being, being the one and only observer.