I have trouble capturing a full picture of my paintings. Unless the camera is exactly parallel with the canvas some of the edges will inevitably get cropped out. My concern with the edges is not a matter of perfectionism. The problem is actually with my paintings… I always “run out of space” before I can finish up the world I was trying to create.

If I taped off the center section of the canvas and left plenty of space around the edges for my ideas to evolve I think I can avoid this problem from continuing! Above is an example of one way I could use the basic shapes from the center of an image to bring about a simple geometrical border. When I try this I would match the color of the shapes with the colors coming from the center image.

I think my paintings may be too confusing for most people to properly view. I’m working on creating more space and finding a new balance between simplicity and detail. I think if the eyes can rest between the areas of complexity these areas more likely to be understood and appreciated. Looking back on my 2017 body of work, I think much of the detail work I did turned into something I call “detail soup”,  otherwise known as chaos.