I’m on a painting break, which means it’s time for me to analyze why I have dozens maybe even 100 unfinished paintings!  I don’t know exactly why something isn’t finished just that certain areas aren’t what I want there. I found out I can distinguish if problematic area needs to be more circular or more rectangular… that’s a start! I think the selected regions are where the perspective needs to be shifted. I’m starting to realize my inability to paint in a single perspective is more than just visual processing issue and more about how process information in general. When look at the image on a screen I can visually see the image to it’s entirety, but I still can’t seem to understand it. I keep getting hyper focused on segmented sections.  I seem to have lost the ability to see things as whole, both  literally and figuratively. For now I’ll keep my focus on answering simple questions: Wrong/right, circle/square, forwards/backwards, lighter/darker ???

Annotated Paintings WIP 2017 – ? 

3 Of Me annoThe Robots Are Coming annoReaching Out anno