crayonsI finally found a way to sketch that works with my hands and will allow me to plan my paintings! Even though I can paint intuitively, many of my projects have been delayed due to the inability to sketch. Sketching is important for the kind of art I’m working on because I need to be able to rapidly test out multiple concepts.

holding crayons

Crayons work with my hands because they can be held at unusual angles and still work.  The wide tip gives my nervous system more feedback since I mainly relay on contact with surfaces to know how to move. For example, when I try to use a pen it feels like a circus balancing which leads me to grasping the pen so tight that even my shoulder goes into a spasm to try and compensate for the feeling of loss of control. It’s also helpful that I don’t have to press hard.

It terms of planning my paintings, crayons are perfect since  it’s possible to blend multiple colors and use shading techniques.