Squish -1


Control what you can. Embrace what you can’t.

Things I can control

  • color
  • brush size & shape
  • the direction of the brush stroke
  • 1 plane of motion
  • the start of the brushstroke
  • when to put down the brush or flip it 180 degrees
  • if the shape is soft or pointy

Things I can’t control

  • 2 planes of motion
  • painting near the edges of the canvas
  • when my brushstrokes will end
  • the rate at which my arm fatigues and becomes spastic

Tools to Combat the Lack of Control 

  • tape, stencils, outlines
  • the order of colors on a brush
  • background before foreground
  • big to small ( start extra big, accept that the small will not be fully controlled & do not depend on fixing the painting with fine details)
  • patience
  • attention
  • mood
  • minimalist approach
  • intentional planning

Brushstrokes Compatible with My Nervous System 

  • fast back and forth motion- straight, X, or 8
  • gooey squiggles
  • continuous scrubbing
  • very light dancing hand
  • worm squiggle – fast, slow + gravity, can turn into a square for small segments