• Instead of making outlines with a fine brush, I’m learning to use a combination of layering and tape to create the same effect.
  • I’m learning new ways to show my perception of light & space.
  • I’m letting go of “fighting” the neurological forces of tension and instead learning to utilize my the positive aspects of my spasticity.


IMG_1691WARPED: This painting is about the way I perceive space. It’s almost right, but just off enough to be confusing. I see many slices of space instead of a cumulative  three dimensional picture. It’s possible that this is actually how every sees space and the trouble is that I’m simply aware of it. I have to consciously choose which slice to see at once. I can flip back and forth between two planes… or maybe even more than that but the fact that I have to consciously choose is distracting and sometimes even disorienting if I’m somewhere with lot’s of moving targets.

IMG_1693FLYING FRAGMENTS: This cave painting is coming along. Right now it’s very dark, but I already have the tape lines prepared to lighten up the edges. Since my surgery I’m having a much easier time making decisions about which direction to take my paintings in. I used to feel as if I was painting dozens of different paintings on one canvas. I’m still painting multiple paintings, but now it’s only a few at one time. I used to think this was because of a fear of running out of canvas and having too many ideas, but now I’m starting to realize some of the issue is definitely related to my vision and perception. This came along with my realization that my difficulty in painting a properly curved line was not just muscular or even neuromuscular… my perception must action be off just enough to ruin the curve. This is an important realization because I now understand how to combat it. I can use ripped up pieces of tape to put together shapes in pieces. I can tell if the perspective is incorrect, but only after the fact. The tape allow me to make the proper adjustments. Even more so there does seem to be some discoordination between what I see and what is there and putting down the tape in pieces helps my brain fill in the puzzle. This is something I can’t quite put into words yet…

UnknownAnd yet another major realization is that blocking off the middle of my painting reveals a right and left side, which are different and in some ways more clear and easier to see than when the painting is a whole. I do wonder if my paintings are meant to be viewed in geometrical fragments. Another theory is that the viewer should close one eye and walk in an arc from right to left in order to perceive what I intended to paint.