Experiment 24: Exploring Simplicity


Single Brushstroke Studies: These paintings explore the concept of creating shapes out of a single brushstroke. Loading a paint brush with multiple colors brings depth and dimension to a line.

I want to understand how altering the rhythm of the brushstroke can bring about different types of surfaces and textured objects. For example, the lime painting looks organic because it’s is made up of small smooth squiggles. The teal painting looks more angular and artificially made because of the sharp turns of the brushstroke.

Figments -3


As an expansion of this concept, I used a paintbrush with multiple colors to create a three dimensional shape. In the future, I will explore this method further. I need to figure out how to load multiple paint brushes with the same arrangement and amount of paint.



This painting is a part of a bigger project on rhythmic expansion. I like the idea of using a single centered element to direct the growth and development of the entire piece. In this paining I used the pattern from the large centered brushstroke to dictate the rest of the work. In the future I will use different types of brushstrokes, stamps, and markings to direct these rhythmic expansion paintings.


This was my attempt to work with a minimal color palette. It didn’t turn out to be the best embodiment of the concept. Figuring out a balance of color is one the main skills I am working on developing. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I need to focus on tone and contrast before I can fully understand color. Hopefully I’ll be able to motivate myself to do a black a white series/ phase, but I’m so addicted to the color it will be hard for me to put it away.

Dance Before Dusk -2