These paintings are a study of  communications. I compare and contrast patterns found at the cellular and astrological levels of existence.

Communications!-3COMMUNICATIONS is the first painting of this project. As I was making it, I was thinking about trying to understand the relationships between nonliving communications and living communications. I’m fascinated by the way we define these relationships. Cells communicate with one another via signal transduction, vesicular transport, and changes in ion gradient. These pathways are endlessly complex and interwoven yet we don’t define them as a true language,why? If this is the language of the cell, what is the language of stars?


GLYPHS-4GLYPHS compares the communication of  neurons to humans.  A neuron sends an electrical impulse  outwards via the axon and receives incoming data through the dendrite. A human sends vibrational signals outwards via the voice and receives incoming data through the ears. Of course there are other ways which humans receive data from the other incoming senses,  and this painting could be seen as an oversimplification, but it is an interesting comparison nonetheless.



GENERATOR is inspired by the nerve cell’s ability to synthesize meaning through the formation of networks. It’s interesting to note how most forms of communications operate through a network as opposed to a single entity. This raises the question of how we define a single entity. Considering that communication inherently depends on the transmission of data through multiple sources, should the network be considered a single entity? If you think about this on the human scale, our singular existence is dependent on the existence of others. The birth of a child requires the participation of two sets of DNA . So why do we continue to see ourselves as being independent from the our larger organism?


EMERGENCE OF THE NEXT NETWORK is a summary guide explaining how the next level of a network will come into being. The next level of a network is the formation of real time global communications. The Internet is our tool towards forming this network. I believe for as long as Internet traffic is directed in terms of money as opposed to neutral flow of information, the network will remain unintelligent and ineffective.