EXPERIMENT 21: Exposed

This group of paintings explores the idea of painting with exposed brushstrokes. A brushstroke is the building block of a painting. Some artists try and remove the individual brushstrokes from the painting. With cameras and digital technology, I no longer understand the purpose of realism. I also believe that the artistic medium of choice is important and should be conducive to transmitting the artistic message. I try to leave behind exposed brush strokes so that the viewer can see trails of the paints journey; the steps and layers of the process.

BLOCKADE, build out of 6 and a half  giant brushstrokes

I’ve always been intrigued and inspired by painters who leave the building blocks of creations exposed. When you leave the trails behind, it’s harder to compose a balanced piece. Tying it together becomes a puzzle and my emotions along the journey get embedded into the work.

Morning Medley 16 x 20 -3

Creating a painting with exposed brushstrokes is only one way to leave behind a trail of creation. I want to create work where the journey is a part of the composition. If each individual brushstroke could be traced and tracked from start to finish, the painting expands time.

BRUSHSTROKE MAZE, can you find your way out?

Exposed brushstrokes can also create a puzzles or mazes. If there’s with no one solution. Which stroke came first?  One will no know and I will never remember.

I believe if one is going to paint, that the paint should be a part of the production. I see realistic paintings as an attempt to hide the paint medium. If the use of paint is ultimately  going to be hidden, then why would paint be the chosen medium?