We are born with an innate desire to express our full potential. Boundaries can be broken down by simple sounds, the voice. Most are only an illusion, propagated by a collective delusion and inspired by pure confusion.  Boundaries are dissolved by either power or force. Will you make it to the other side of that wall without a scratch? Wounds are a reminder of how far you’ve come. Scars from the forceful fights, long nights; you nearly threw your heart away. First yourself before you can save the crowd.

We want to fight for freedom, but let us remember how to dance with the devil, and bring the lost boys back home. Find the faith to unite. When we fight for change we risk damaging our fragile selves. We risk ripping holes in our very own souls. The same holes which have been ripped from thy enemy, who we view on the other side of that stick. But yet, we all grew from the same source.

Power is utilizing the will to stand still. Breathing deeply when society tries to pull out the last mat beneath your bare feet and continues to throw nails along your path. You can embody grace and refuse to hate. Manifest change with genuine love and kindness. Then there will be no more wars to wage over freedom.  Freedom doesn’t have to be fought for. For the battle is not yours, the battle is within our words. Semantics are antics and thus tactics- ingrained to deeply to dig out today. Focus on your power to envision a future of peace. Discover the choice to use your words to unite, not to fight. Learn to find the will to create. The freedom is here. And soon we will live as one under the rays of our single sun.