FIRE AND ICE is a unification of the great opposing forces we live between.

Fire and Ice-2 copy

It is a reminder to explore both sides of every coin and to live in balance. Everything I’ve ever studied is based on two opposing forces. Opposite forces attract one another and come together, while forces of the same nature push each other away. The material world is held together by the interaction of positive and negative charges. There is good and there is bad. There is black and there is white. Yet the distinction between the two sides is only a label.  What’s important is how we choose to interact with these forces. The truth is somewhere in the middle. To understand, you must simultaneously open your mind in both directions at once.  When you are able to learn from these two perspectives, you will know your true center. As the external world moves around you, you will need to continuously readjust your center. Everyday is a new opportunity to find balance within a world showered with fire and ice.