Background: I’ve rarely used black in my paintings, but I think black is about to make a major comeback!  I stay away from brown and balance all color with white so using black brings about a new kind of boldness.  What do you think? Its almost too much of a pop! I’ll have to learn how to work with this new technique, but this was a good start.

Building Bold-2-2Rainbow Realm -1-2Space Glob -3-2

Conclusion: Painting the background a solid color was a great way to say save time and energy having to fill in areas I left blank. I was a worried about a black background being boring , but it actually seems to enhance the painting. I think the solid background helps the eyes focus on the detailed foreground without getting too lost. Many of my paintings blur the line between foreground and background which is an interesting visual puzzle, but it tends to distribute the focus a little a bit too much. I think using a solid background is a great tool to tone down  business and direct the viewers focus.