The goal of this experiment was to produce an image that flawlessly emerges out of the background of the painting .

Project Background

This project is an extentension of last weeks experiment where I built the foreground off of  brushstrokes from the background. I like the concept of a painting which  depends on some amount of randomness.I believe incorporating chaos into art is like inviting  the energy of the universe to be your partner. The natural world is driven towards disorder. As described in the second law of thermodynamics, a system always moves towards a state of increasing entropy, increased disorder. Consciousness is a direct opposition to this universal flow as we transform the information around us from disorder to order. By inviting natural randomness into my art, I can work with the forces of the natural world. In theory this should result in the most unique creations. Hopefully this process will help me tap into a body of energy many times larger than my self. By allowing the process of the painting to direct itself, it generally appears more “perfect” and seemingly flawless. I’m striving to  find the  balance between the cultivation of chaos and the manifestation of an artistic vision. Somewhere between these opposing forces lies the answer that  I’m searching for. I want to find the optional ratio for art mysterious yet organized and random yet perfect . Now that I’m starting to understand that these are my intentions,  I can learn how  to make them happen. This experiment is an initial attempt to bring about these happenings.

Painting Procedure

  1. I attempted to paint a somewhat solid fading background around the corner and sides. Then I added in some random brushstrokes in the center of the painting while the paint was still wet to produce a more interesting color fade for the center image.
  2. I covered up the paintings for one week.
  3. Upon uncovering the paintings, I looked for any immediate images that might be able to form out of the background, like an inkblot test.
  4. Here’s happened!
Wind -1
Momentum Of The Sun -4
Momentum of the Sun
Graphing the Galexy -5
Graphing the Galaxy
Far Out -2
Far Out
Emergence -3