You might be surprised to find out that I struggle with painting backgrounds. It’s not that I don’t know how to paint a background, but that every time I get  brush in my hand I immediately start doodling and can’t seem to follow any sort of plan. I decided to try and address this problem by creating background made out of as few brushstrokes as possible. Less brushstrokes in the background means less of a chance for me to get distracted from the mission.



Stand Up

This experiment shows the way my paintings continuously evolve out of what’s already there. The big brush stroke background were a bold way to begin and I think I like them better on their own. Stand Up and Power got a little to overcrowded, but Big Reach turned out well. The fading background method seemed to work better than high contrast brush strokes. In conclusion, big brush strokes are cool but not good for painting backgrounds. I would like to figure out how to paint simpler and calmer backgrounds so the painting can develop at a slower rate.

Ideas and Notes For The Future

  • Repeat the background method found in Big Reach
  • Do a new experiment where big brushstrokes are used in the forground
  • Keep trying new methods to develop a technique for simple backgrounds