Questions: How will people respond to watching me paint? What types of brushes or brushstrokes will be the most entertaining?

Background: I’ve been searching for opportunities to test out live art. Over the last several months, I’ve dabbled in both speed painting and painting in front of an audience at chance I could find. I enjoy people’s feedback and comments as they really do play a part in the active creation. Since I’m only able to paint for around an hour a day, I’m naturally getting faster and more efficient with my process. The four painting in this article were done in what I would consider my first true trial at live painting.

Part of my goal for the night was to figure out which painting style works best for live art. I payed close attention to my natural creative flow as well as the level of interest and entertainment I was able to provide for the observers.

Painting: Four paintings done live at The Ready Room during The City of Night’s annual visual art show. At a later date I may add some clarifying details and touch up, but for the most part they were done in less than a few hours with lots of breaks in between.

Live at Ready Room #1 P1Live at Ready Room #2 P1

Live at Ready Room #3 P1

Live at Ready Room #4 P1.png

Conclusion: This experience was a huge success. I had tons of fun and love being inspired by those around me. Everyone seemed to have fun learning about the special brushes I’ve been making. The most exciting brush for the crowd was watching the worm brush and the big flat brush.It seems the bigger the better! Probably because the large brush strokes are easy to see.  People seem to be fascinated by the way I boldly blend multiple colors in a single brushstroke. I tend to rely more on variations in pressure and angle to create different lines, which I think is pretty unique and related to the fact that I hate picking my arm up to remove it from the canvas. It seems my anatomical variations as a painter are quickly becoming my signature strokes. I can’t wait for my next chance to paint for hopefully an even bigger crowd!

Inspiration and Ideas:

  • Paint along with someone else story telling or rant
  • find new methods to rinse the large brushes faster and with less of a mess
  • record a full painting session and share a sped up version of the recording