“When I went to the art museum I saw a lot of things. One of the things I saw is very colorful painting. Some of it was light and other parts were dark. We also saw mummies. They were really cool. We also saw a painting that kids drew a picture of his friend. That’s what I saw at the museum. I want to remember this because I never want to forget these characters I made. Here are a couple.” –Ralph Raskas age 11

Step 1: the childhood sketches

Step 2: the background

Step 3: the creatures begin to emerge

creatures together phase 2

Step 4:the fine lines

creatures together final phase v2

Conclusion: I tend to focus too much on the characteristics of my lines. Because of my hands, one of my main art goals has become to use the least amount of  precise little lines as possible. This project was in tune with both of these ideas. I had the chance to focus on the quality of my line work and enjoyed the minimal use of the fine lines. Revival children’s stick figures could become a whole new series of work, or at least something I feel comfortable offering as a future service.