Hello everyone! I’ve been pretty absent from social media the last few weeks, as I’ve been trying to deal with the loss of my brother, best friend, and partner in crime since 96’. He was the one who gave me the true courage and support I needed to start this artistic venture and I will never let that go. It’s been hard getting back to work on things without my number one art critic, but I know he would want me to continue to spread the love and the kindness he left us. So here we have Experiment #10, Immediate Response to a Traumatic Loss and the results are the three panel piece below, It’s All Light.

 Everyday is a new opportunity to learn from Ralph’s life. Right now I’m focusing on the sacredness of words. I’m trying to speak less and listen more. I’m trying to say a little and do a lot. I’m trying not to speak behind another person’s back. I’m trying not to complain or criticize. I am  making an extra effort to compliment and thank those around me. The most important thing is that I’m trying to see the light.
It’s All Light, three panel piece
It’s All Light, left panel 20″ x 20″
It’s All Light, center panel 20″ x 20″
It’s All Light, right panel 20″ x 20″

If you want to take part in this journey download this pdf link

 One Day at a Time memorial booklet

I would like to use this opportunity to share wisdom as opposed to sorrow. When you think of Ralph, I want you to think of life. Over the last six months I received several philosophical emails from him. They were forwarded to me from The Dailyom: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Day, by Madisyn Taylor. Considering that he received these emails everyday, I would like to assume that the ones found below are the ones he found important enough to share. He was always concerned for the well being of others and would have only wanted to leave us with love. It’s hard not to be filled with hurt, but we can use these messages to redirect our energy into the beginning of something beautiful. Ralph was always in touch with the spiritual aspects of our existence. He had deep intuition for how to sort through the chaos of the modern world and live with principles of true value. So as much as this is a loss, we will continue to grow Ralph’s love and kindness from the pieces of light he left behind.

He always lived beyond the physical realm. He was born a true minimalist and never thought to seek anything materialistic or physical in nature. He instinctively knew how to appreciate the present moment. Our happiest times together were spent watching the mountains and listening to the rhythm of waves crash along the seashore. All he ever wanted was to bring a smile to everyone in his presence. He understood that it’s the small things that can make the biggest differences in our day to day lives. Family and friends were regularly showered by his thoughtfulness, from surprise lattes to notes of appreciation and gratitude. He always gave everything he could to the ones he loved. I think the greatest gift of all was in the way he listened. He never rushed or interrupted another voice. He took both the time and emotion necessary to fully understand those around him. His patience stemmed from pure compassion. His whole existence was genuine.

Within the hardest moments, we can find the greatest truth. When the ground cracks beneath our feet, let us learn to fly. In the same order as how I received these last seven emails, I would like to share them with you in correspondence to the seven days of our week. I hope you can use these daily principles to help guide you along in this journey. Whether you participate for a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime, know that you are helping us keep Ralph’s spirit alive. I believe these messages are universal, eternal, and true. This is not a time to forget, it’s a time to remember.

Spread the love, Be the kindness, Listen deeply