Question: Am I destined to paint connective tissue?


I first got the idea to paint connective tissue through a series of strange events. Since I am  not able to  drive,  I end up carrying around things most people would normally leave in their trunk . One day I showed up to physical therapy with  box of painted rocks. This led to the idea of doing a painting on connective tissue for my physical therapist. The  lovely painting shown below came out of this idea! While creating this I realized my absract style naturally helped me create something that resembled the endlessness and multi-dimensional aspects of a fascial network.

Zoom: A Connective Tissue Close Up


Over the next few months I received several mentions about the theme of connective tissue appearing in my art. It was nothing conscious and I’ve always wanted my art to stay separate from my personal health issues, so I avoided the connective tissue subject for quite sometime. Then in November, after only four months of focusing on painting  I hit a giant road block. I had to stop using my dominant arm and was pushed back further into the realm abstract and less detailed art. I was never interested in painting abstract until it became the only way I could paint. It’s extremely hard to accept that I can’t paint what I see in my head and draw the little lines I want. I often find myself scanning a painting for what to do next and getting stuck, not because I don’t know what to paint but because I don’t know how to pain it without pain. I have faith that this journey will eventually lead me towards something amazing and eventually the formation of a truly unique painting style . I just have to keep trying new methods and processes until once again I can transfer the  image from my head onto the canvas.

In the process of sorting through all this emotional turmoil, I figured this would be a good time to revisit the connective tissue concept. Unlike my previous experiments, which were done in stages, I tried to do these studies using an alternative method. The goal was to finish a whole painting in a single session.

practice session on wood ( this one was right handed so its a bit neater)



In a single session paint whatever comes to mind when focusing on the concept of connective tissue.

Day 1:


Day2: Building Up


Day 3: Sticky Situation


Day 4: Go Grow Glow


Day 5 : Trying something more advanced! Connective Tissue Landscape



This is the most paintings I’ve ever  produced with a consistent style. I was also able to do this series in a relatively quick manner and while only using my left hand! The connective tissue theme is definitely something I want to explore in my future work.

Logistical Notes on the Artistic Process

  • When doing a painting all in one session it is still important to think about creating things in layers. Getting the full background covered prior to working in any details in the foreground saves immense amounts of time in the end.
  • The best way to make sure the entire background gets covered early on in the design process is to work from the edges inwards.
  • Complete an entire network of tissue before spending any time on details. Having a full background layer completed adds to the three dimensional aspect of the painting.

Ideas For the future work

  • More connective tissue landscapes
  • Landscapes that have an opposite colored sky and foreground. By completing the sky first and then while the paint is still wet growing the foreground elements up from the bottom works out especially well.