Questions/ Goals:

  1. How to use the Y shape?
  2. How to create a simple dreamscape ?


Longing For A Simple Life 


This was the first painting where I used “the Y in the sky” . I like how it molds a three dimensional space. I  found a trick for painting three dimensions. If you can imagine the three dimensional world which you want to paint, and forget about the two dimensions of the canvas, the three dimensional world will appear right before your eyes. The brain has a curious way of already  knowing what to do. The hard part is figuring out how to quite the conscious mind so the subconscious mind can do it’s work. In order to fully engage in an activity, thinking less is usually more beneficial than thinking more. In this way the mindset of a creator, is in some ways similar to that of a professional athlete. When you are in the zone, your actions should naturally flow into existence. You must trust your gut instincts and work within the flow as the present moments unfold.


  1. Simple background
  2. foreground element- either a simple shape or a plane colored landscape
  3. add the Y element to distinguish 3d space

Praying With The Moon

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Chasing Color

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Follow Through

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Spot light

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The goal of this project was completed in the sense that  know how to successfully implant the Y element! I also know how to create a simple dreamscape. It turns out I had already figured this out in the first painting and all I needed to do was repeat it.

I was never actually able to complete this series the way I had intended do to due to difficulties I started having with my right arm. I don’t have a problem working with  my left hand, but I do paint differently with it. I wouldn’t want half the series to be with the right and half the series to be with the left. In some attempt to finish this half finished work I started exploring adding graphic overlays to my work. Chasing Color worked the best with the graphic overlay. While Follow Through was helped a bit Spot Light still looks like a mess. Perhaps this elucidates the  most important lesson I have recently learned about art. Which is not every painting is meant to be finished and that’s perfectly okay.

I am starting to exept the idea of painting over something I have worked hard on in order to bring about something new. I used to attempt to finish every single work I ever began. With the mindset that for all the hours I put into something the end result should match the amount of effort. It seems this mindset is highly destructive to my creative process because then all I’m thinking about is the finished  product and the more I continue to work, the more hours I put in, the higher my expectations become for the finished product and the more I stress over something which is meant to be experiential and fun! The added pressure has an inverse relationship to the quility of the final product, so I will work on enjoying the process and caring less about the progress.

Future Project Ideas

  • simple dreamscape model done all at once with a fading background and large squiggles as the foreground
  • floating paintball over a simple dreamscape with a climber climbing the paintball
  • use the Y to create mountains, cliffs, and rocks ( like cliff in Climbing from Grounded)

Work Inspired by and Related to the Y In the Sky

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