Painting On Everything

Twice in one week these silly rocks caught the public’s attention. In this photo, the rocks are displayed as a total side note to the canvas tiles. Yet, I intentionally sold all of the rocks and none of the canvas that day at a local street fair . A few days later I was asked by an art studio to produce a new piece on rocks for an upcoming show. I guess some people take rock painting seriously.


This photo shows the texture of the acrylics on the rock. The globular appearance comes from a dotting style application  technique and the rough rocks ability to grab hold of the paint in a different way than what can be done on canvas.

I like working with rocks because  you can choose how to arrange them.This brings another layer of art to the project. It also means that if I don’t like a section of the project, I can simply toss it, instead of having to rework the whole piece.

I experimented with different types of rocks. From extremely rough to smooth granite scraps. Each surface and geometry brings its own unique element. Here I was thinking about a method where I can emphasize  my neater style of art by placing it next to the more jagged and rough work shown in the tree image on the left.

I  deeply contemplated the idea that good art could be considered as knowing when detail,precision and accuracy are needed as opposed to thinking about making an entire piece with these features. I’m starting to realize that would actually be both a waste of energy and only a distraction to those areas which “should” be more detailed and precise.

With all these new ideas bubbling in my brain, here is the completed project!

Rocks On Rocks On Rocks On Rocks 


Project Complete!


Rocks are also great because they are free and plentiful, so I decided to leave some behind on my family vacation… the rocks bellow are wondering around in Vail, Colorado


And that is the end of rocks! They are heavy, hard to deal with and a disaster when trying to display. More importantly, the end of rocks marks the beginning of a new adventure. I am now ready to dive deeply into experimental art. I  now realize the importance of having the opportunity to delve fully into new methods and materials of expression and then be free to drop them and  move onto the next thing just as fast!

So begins The Year of Experiments!